A place for your brand

Being next to Ancient Appia Landscapes ensures to the project’s Partners several advantages through:

Communication plan/Advertising: integrated in co-branding, with Partner‘s logotype and AAL’s one, into all the institutional, social, promotional campaigns on the mass media. All will allow to join an "experience” on the territory, characterized by the highest quality and scientific excellence. Publications, brochures, advertising papers, playbills will promote and highlight the brand and its results on the research in all the presentation’s activities of the project itself (conferences, meetings, public initiatives, formative activities);

Web Marketing: The job on the official web site of the project (http://www. aalproject. eu/), its promotion and the capillary diffusion allows the sponsors further visibility on Web. There will be a logotype like-link to access directly the corporate web site of the company. This could highly helps the daily visit on the Partner‘s web-site too;

Social Marketing: Through the Social Networks, AAL wants to share its activities involving mainly all who believe the culture has to be lived. With a simple language and the support of video and images on real time, great visibility is given through the channels. Banners dedicated to the project will increase the spread of the Partner brand.

Itinerant marketing: advertising with logotypes and personalized banners on transport means used by the staff of the project.

According to the specific demands and a shared plan many advantages can be taken through a promotional campaign. The project staff is available for any request, suggestion or proposal to guarantee more appeal and concrete results to the shared experience.